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In order to clarify all your doubts regarding the topics covered in the class, making an efficient learning of the contents, see 10 strategies to improve your studies.

Efficient learning requires a lot of dedication and responsibility on the part of the student. Many students find it difficult to find the best way to organize and understand the most effective strategies for assimilating content addressed in the classroom. To learn how to solve these problems, here are some tips that can help you.

See 10 effective strategies for improving your studies:

1. Diagrams
As you study, try to create drawings or diagrams that facilitate understanding of the subject. Make outlines that list the topics you write in class and list pictures that will help you memorize the subject.

2. Create issues
As you study, ask questions about the issues you are discussing so that you can see if you have assimilated everything you are supposed to know by answering the questions you have asked yourself.

3. Think about what you already know
Something that can facilitate the understanding of the subject studied is to think about what already knows about it and to relate with the subjects that until then were novelty for itself.

4. Debating
Talk to your friends about the topics you see in class. Debating on the subject helps you to fix the content you should study.

5. Practice
Try to do exercises on the subject you saw in class to practice your knowledge. If possible, put it into practice through some activity related to the subject studied, such as a chemical experiment.

6. Review
After studying, review the content as often as necessary so you can better understand if you still have questions. If there are still some doubts try to clarify them, ensuring a more complete learning.

7. Notes about doubts
In the classroom, when you are jotting down the content passed by the teacher, try to make notes about the doubts that are emerging at the moment. In this way, you will remember all your doubts when you have to contact the teacher to clarify the issues that still leave you confused.

8. Organization
Staying organized is essential for a more efficient study. So try to manage your routine so that you can review the content on the same day that you took the classes and that all of your assignments are done in a timely manner.

9. Relate
Linking studied subjects to events in their daily lives can be a good strategy for assimilation. Therefore, whenever possible, try to find points in common between you and the matter you should study.

10. Key Ideas
During class and also during after-school studies, try jotting down key ideas that remind you of the main subject matter. Thus, memorizing becomes easier.

Universia, 06/12/2013