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Intelligence is not all a learner needs to get good results in studies.

Most people believe that a student who performs well in the classroom should have a relatively above-average IQ. But that does not always happen. According to some studies, the effort is the main reason that the students have good results in the studies.

1. Commitment
An achievement depends on the effort we put into to achieve our goals. This is no different in studies. Studying for a good part of the day and doing homework makes the student stand out from the rest and become a good student.

2. Learn from other students
Intelligence is not the key to success. In order for a student to develop his / her learning in the best way, it is important that he / she dedicates himself / herself and wants to learn the content offered by the educational institution. If you also want to be a good student, learn from your hard-working colleagues.

3. Manage time
A good student should know how to manage his time to balance the hours that he will devote to leisure and the period he will reserve to studies. Listing your activities according to priority is essential to being successful in learning.

Universia, 07/10/2013