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How to plan your studies if you already have a job

Learn some useful tips to help you organize the two areas of your life without major conflicts. Although it is very common to find college students looking for a job or a part-time job, some high school students are already in the job market. However, this should not be a reason to neglect the studies.

Top 10 paid professions in Portugal

More Courses recently published a listing of the 10 best paid professions in Portugal based on a study by Diário Económico. The study, developed by Diário Económico and which gave rise to the publication of TOP 10 of the highest paid professions in Portugal, involved several Portuguese economists and was based on a Social Security

3 tips to become a good student

Intelligence is not all a learner needs to get good results in studies. Most people believe that a student who performs well in the classroom should have a relatively above-average IQ. But that does not always happen. According to some studies, the effort is the main reason that the students have good results in the

The 10 most promising professions for the future

A US study reveals the most promising professions for the future. The North American organizational consultant Sparks and Honey has launched a study that pointed to the 20 most promising careers for the future. Although some of them are not yet established in the marketplace, for all the professions mentioned, there is one thing in

10 effective strategies to improve your studies

In order to clarify all your doubts regarding the topics covered in the class, making an efficient learning of the contents, see 10 strategies to improve your studies. Efficient learning requires a lot of dedication and responsibility on the part of the student. Many students find it difficult to find the best way to organize

Porto is the best European destination of 2017

Invicta surpassed cities like Paris, Rome, Vienna or Madrid and was chosen for the third year as the best travel destination in Europe. The city of Porto was again chosen as the best tourist destination in Europe. The election of Invicta – the third in the last five years – was unveiled this Friday, February