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Invicta surpassed cities like Paris, Rome, Vienna or Madrid and was chosen for the third year as the best travel destination in Europe.

The city of Porto was again chosen as the best tourist destination in Europe. The election of Invicta – the third in the last five years – was unveiled this Friday, February 10, by European Best Destinations. After 2012 and 2014, the Portuguese city is once again the favorite of tourists in 2017. The organization stresses that there had never been so much unanimity in choosing a destination, in a process that attracted more than 420 thousand people from 174 countries. According to Turismo do Porto, 135 thousand travelers chose the northern capital (44 thousand of which in Portugal), “which attests to the potential and attractiveness of the city, not only for the Portuguese, but also for the Portuguese and for Tourists from all over the world. ” The Portuguese destination was chosen from a list of 20 finalist contestants over three weeks of online voting. The 135,000 votes in Porto constitute a new record, as the most voted destination last year (Zadar, Croatia) did not exceed 54,000 voters. “Porto is exceptional in many ways … and architecture, culture, gastronomy, commerce, meetings and discovery will seduce it,” reads the website of the organization, which also provided a Promotional video that highlights the qualities of the tourist destination. “The visibility that this prize brings is especially useful for the tourism sector, but it is also a way of attracting Porto’s attention as an opportunity for investment and entrepreneurship,” said Rui Moreira, mayor of Porto and the Association of Turismo do Porto and Northern Portugal, in statements quoted on the website of Turismo do Porto. In remarks to the journalists, broadcast by RTP3, Rui Moreira highlighted the fact that Oporto had “a superior recognition of Milan, which is the fashion capital, or Athens.” The Greeks have many expatriates in the United States and even there Porto won, “said the mayor. “We are the biggest and that’s all I have to say today,” he finished. The year was, according to local authorities, the best ever for the sector, attracting almost 1.5 million tourists. Data from the National Statistics Institute show that between January and November of last year the North region (where Porto is included) attracted 3.55 million guests (11.4% more than in the previous year), about half of which Were Portuguese. In addition, 6.46 million overnight stays were generated, an increase of 12.9% over 2015. First place was achieved, according to European Best Destinations, with the voting of travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea or Ireland, for example. The list of destinations chosen is complete with the cities of Milan, Gdansk, Poland, Athens, San Sebastian, Sozopol, Vienna, Austria, Stari Grad, Switzerland), Madrid (Spain), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Rome (Italy), Paris (France), Bonifacio (France) and Wild Taiga (Finland).   Jornal de Negócios, 10/02/2017