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I am not a student. Can I apply for a room at the Residence?

Yes, we also accept housing requests from teachers, investigators, young professionals and other people connected to the academic world.

When do applications start?

Applications for the following school year start in May. As there are many requests, we advise interested students to proceed for a room reservation as soon as possible.

I don’t live in Portugal and I will not be able to make the admission interview before my arrival.

In that case the interview will be done upon resident’s arrival. It will be useful to explain how is life in the Residence and to verify if the resident’s profile matches the one from the Residence.

I am in the waiting list. Do I have any chances of getting a room in the Residence?

Whenever someone quits his/her room, candidates in the waiting list will be contacted by order. Sometimes there are vacant rooms in the beginning of the school year, others in the middle.

I have been told that there are available rooms and I showed interest. Is this enough to have a room reservation?

The room reservation will only be effective when the candidate pays an amount equivalent to one month’s rent. During the year the amount will be considered as the deposit.

Are there schedules to enter and exit the Residence?

Residents are free and can enter and exit the Residence when it is more convenient to them. They will be given a magnetic card, with which they can access the main door.

Are my visitors allowed to sleep in my room?

Yes, in very particular cases, to same gender direct family (mother or sister/ father or brother) and under previous permission of the Residence Director. In general, visits are authorized to enter the Residence from 8am until 11pm. When there is availability they can rent a room, paying the current fee.

No, this is a non-smoking Residence.

No, this is a non-smoking Residence.

Can I receive phone calls directly to my room?

Yes, you can. There is a telephone with a direct line in each room. You can receive calls whenever you want. If you make phone calls they will be charged according to current fee.

Do you serve meals?

We don’t serve meals, but there is a fully equipped kitchen in each floor.