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“Living in SPRU Residence means being in contact with many people from different countries, it is impossible not to make friends or not having fun. It has a great location, in Lisbon’s Baixa, in the city center. For me it was a good experience, unique in my life.”

Riccardo Cortese, Italia

“I have spent almost two years in Portugal, and have lived every day at World Spru, without once considering changing residence.  The facility is comfortable and very convenient as it is located in close proximity to every available means of transportation: the train station, metro, taxi, bus.  The ...

Shane Mc. Quilkin, Caribbean

“Central, luminous, spacious and well located. A few minutes from the main leisure places and simply ‘distant’ from all tedious places. Let’s say, a paradise for all students who enjoy having fun and who are responsible at the same time.”

Carlos Blanco, Spain

“A home, a family, a place where you can prove your potential. I loved it, a great year that I will remember all my life!”

Tiago Costa, Portugal