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More Courses recently published a listing of the 10 best paid professions in Portugal based on a study by Diário Económico.

The study, developed by Diário Económico and which gave rise to the publication of TOP 10 of the highest paid professions in Portugal, involved several Portuguese economists and was based on a Social Security data evaluation of the last 30 years until 2013 in the private sector. For this study, neither public sector workers nor self-employed workers were included.

According to this study, the highest paid professions in Portugal are positioned:

1.) Air Traffic Controller
Average of 10,000 euros per month

2.) Sportsmen and Coaches
Average 8500 euros per month

3.) General Practitioners
Average of 4000 euros per month

4.) Business Directors
Average 3800 euros per month

5.) Air Safety Technicians
Average 3600 euros per month

6.) General Directors
Average 3500 euros per month

7.) Piloting Officers (Ships)
Average 3400 euros per month

8.) Insurance Agents
Average 3200 euros per month

9.) Service Business Managers
Average 3000 euros per month

10.) Stock Brokers
Average of 2800 euros per month