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SPRU – Sociedade Promotora de Residências Universitárias S.A.

SPRU – Sociedade Promotora de Residências Universitárias S.A was founded in 1999 with the aim of “contributing to dignify the displaced university population".

The bet in the student residences sector was done with full conscience and will of assuming for the company a strong social function, which fits its shareholders culture, characterised by a solid humanist spirit.

SPRU is the first Portuguese private company to take part in this market with a comprised dynamic, guaranteeing the direct intervention in the whole business value chain: from development, going through design, financial setting, construction, furnishing and finally assuring the residences' exploitation and management.

With two units in operation in Lisbon and Porto, SPRU will very soon develop a residential network in the main university centres in the Country, which will permit its classification as the top Portuguese referral in the sector.

In a diversified perspective of internationalisation, SPRU has a partnerships in operation with RESA, in Spain, a highly credited chain of university residences.

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